Tour de LiveCycle

I remember that when I was hired by Adobe I needed a lot of time to understand the products and the business lines. One of the toughest things was “What is LiveCycle?” “Why do we need it?”. After a while I managed to get the idea however I think that’s the most complex product built by Adobe.

Greg Wilson is the one behind Tour de Flex and he was also deeply involved in the early development of the workflow engine used in LiveCycle (before Adobe’s acquisition). Together with Avoka Technologies he created now Tour de Livecycle – an application that shares the similar interface with Tour de Flex. The application is designed to do the following:

  • provide an answer to the question “What is LiveCycle?” for the curious ones
  • allow developers already working with the LiveCycle platform to gain a deeper understanding of it
  • allow customers to better understand the platform value and what services they can use

You can download the application from this location. It’s an AIR application, and it needs an internet connection in order to access all the resources, movies and samples (in the future it will also work offline).

I encourage anyone interested in SOA or document management to take a look at it. And if you find any problems or if you have any suggestions you can post a comment.

2 thoughts on “Tour de LiveCycle

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  2. I tried Tour de Flex. Now also for Livecycle. As a student, I vote for this tour de … Since it is very useful for me.

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