Some internals related to Flex and remoting

When I started working with Livecycle Data Services and Java remoting I was afraid of doing too many remote calls at one time because of the network latency – if the network latency is 100ms and you do ten remote calls in order to fill a panel with data you will lose (10/maximum no of parallel connection supported by the browse*0.1) seconds for requests  . At least this is what I thought, taking into account my experience with Ajax.

However I found that this is not the case when doing remoting using the AmfChannel (which is backed by In this case all your remote calls are put in a queue, and then all this request are grouped in a single HTML post. So no ten calls, only one – you can check that using a proxy like Charles.

It is important to note that this happens only when you use channels backed by – if you use HttpChannel which is backed by you will have 10 different calls.

So I can conclude that you should not be worried that you have too many HTTP requests (listed as the first optimization by Yahoo -check this link) when using remoting.

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